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Softball Trading Pins

Softball Trading Pins Softball Trading Pins

Trading Softball pins sometimes seems more important than winning to the players. At tournaments it takes on a life of its own as the players plan on how they will get the most popular and unique pins. So, when it comes time to trade pins with your opponents, make sure your players aren't left out. Here at we have many years of Softball Trading Pin design and manufacturing experience. We are committed to making your Softball trading pins the most desirable Softball pins at your next tournament. 


Important Tips To Remember about Softball Trading Pins : 

Order Your Softball Trading Pins Early: You want the perfect softball trading pins for your team and we want to make sure we get them exactly right for you. It's best not to rush the process. Ideally you should plan on receiving your softball trading pins several weeks before you need them. That way if you should need more you won't be caught short at the last minute. And you won't have to worry about any delays or slowdowns at the factory caused by those waiting until the last minute.

Softball Trading Pins at SportpinsUSASoftball trading pins at SportpinsUSA

Have Enough Softball Trading Pins For Your Team: Most times players run out of pins before they run out of people to trade with. An easy way to make sure you have enough pins is take the number of players you have, multiply that times the number of teams that will be attending the tournaments with trading. If you have 11 players and will be attending 2 tournaments with trading that has 50 different teams you will need 550 pins. Make sure to order additional pins for your players to keep and give to friends and family members.

Plan a Unique Design For Your Pin : Heavier Softball Trading pins used to be perceived as more tradable. Players now are looking for unusual, unique and colorful designs when trading pins. With newer pin manufacturing methods we can make more detailed and attractive pins than ever before. Make sure you hold nothhing back when you come to us with your ideas for this year's softball trading pin.

Make Your Softball Trading Pins the Ones Everyone Wants: You want to make sure that everyone is looking for you at the tournament hoping to trade for your softball pins. We will help you create a great design to get you started. But to make your pins stand out you need to consider options like Spinners, Bobble Heads, Glitter and Blinkies. And you want to make sure your pins are large enough so your special design can be seen.

Softball trading pins at SportpinsUSASoftball trading pins at AportpinsUSA

Softball Trading Pin Prices

  100 200 300 500 750 1000 2000 3000 5000 10000
3/4" $2.49 $1.92 $1.40 $1.16 $1.04 $1.00 $0.87 $0.73 $0.63 $0.52
1" $2.52 $2.01 $1.48 $1.21 $1.07 $1.01 $0.92 $0.75 $0.66 $0.56
1.25" $2.57 $2.14 $1.59 $1.26 $1.13 $1.05 $0.95 $0.81 $0.72 $0.60
1.50" $2.74 $2.30 $1.85 $1.36 $1.21 $1.15 $1.02 $0.86 $0.80 $0.64
1.75" $3.12 $2.60 $2.11 $1.65 $1.48 $1.41 $1.35 $1.16 $1.03 $1.00
2" $3.26 $2.74 $2.25 $1.79 $1.62 $1.55 $1.48 $1.31 $1.16 $1.14

FREE Softball Trading Pin Artwork and Design and Revisions
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Up To 7 Colors Included

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How To Order Your Softball Trading Pins


  1. Pick the size, shape and quantity of your pin and fill out our quick quote form. Be sure to attach any artwork you may have, even if it is just a simple a hand drawn sketch. In addition to sending your quote request form, please feel free to email or call us with any questions you may have. ( Call us toll-free at or email us at )

  2. We will provide you with a Full Color Digital Proof based on your artwork or ideas. If you do not have artwork we will be happy to help you create your pin design. We will also provide you with a quote based on this artwork. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or ideas you may have. Remember, they are your team trading pins and we want to make the just the way you want. Once you are satisfied with your design, and have approved and paid, we will start production.
  3. Standard production time takes 7-10 days, however we do offer rush services to our customers if they need their pins in a hurry. Please inform your sales representative if you have a deadline and we will do our best to meet your needs


Here are some usefull tips to help you plan your pins

Pin traders mainly like to trade for unusual and unique pins. We are able to offer more detail and design options with digital offset and photo etched pins.
Most players like to trade with other players that have pins that are 2" and larger. But we can design your pin to be virtually any size.
Players can go through 30 pins very easily at a tournament. And don't forget freinds and family.
Kids will seek out the pins that are the most unique. Capture other teams' attention with Glitter, Spinners, Bobble Heads, Sliders or Blinkies. Make your sports trading pin the one everyone wants.




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